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Guild Information

The guild was founded on Baiak Ilusion on Jun 22 2021.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Guthan Oo Malvadao ($) Majestic Druid 622 online
Lechszy Tingle (HAXIXE $) Majestic Druid 435 offline
Smack ($$!) Majestic Druid 551 online
Toinsz Monster Knight 515 offline
Vice-Leader Zaraki Kenpachi (jogador caro) Majestic Druid 550 online
MEMBRO NOVO Bad Penny (Kevin) Majestic Druid 587 online
Bipolar (On Pvp) Lord Paladin 552 online
Daisuke Ofamoso Majestic Druid 356 offline
Dark Oscuro (Koskorron Style) Majestic Druid 527 offline
Front Elder Druid 72 offline
Frozen Pvp (Fuck banned xd) Majestic Druid 504 online
Head Shot (Head Shot :D) Majestic Druid 589 online
Kina Deboxada Monster Knight 529 online
Masrawy Majestic Druid 378 offline
Metsavaht Wawrzyn (trembala xd) Elder Druid 499 online
Muzan (chileno maker) Elder Druid 475 offline
Night Judge Majestic Druid 488 online
Pelaguim Elder Druid 406 offline
Playsz Elder Druid 455 online
Poucas Ideias (Produziu, exprodiu\', bum!) Elder Druid 505 online
Proceder (pm if needed) Elite Knight 595 offline
Prox Mauvadao Lord Paladin 547 online
Push Travado Elder Druid 192 offline
Quenn Kush (zeliek) Majestic Druid 480 offline
Sruba Paralyse (pm if needed) Elder Druid 517 offline
Swet Anqel Majestic Druid 508 online
Tall Beck (KING HERE) Majestic Druid 524 offline
Tenote Knight Monster Knight 588 online
Tictaczerah Elder Druid 242 offline
Veronez Elder Druid 116 offline
Vilao Monster Knight 563 online
Vip Comesaymex Elder Druid 502 offline
Vip Fazendograna Elder Druid 499 offline
Vip Granaful Elder Druid 502 offline
Wzcicyxd Royal Paladin 505 offline
ED Apelone (Marcha felaa) Majestic Druid 505 offline
Arrasta Pra Cima (( favela win ~)) Majestic Druid 553 online
Chato Dms (So Chato _(_) Elder Druid 521 offline
Cheat Engine ($$$) Majestic Druid 504 online
Cleytinho Deboxado (Cleytinho On) Majestic Druid 452 offline
Coronel Baiakero Elder Druid 483 offline
Coronel Legend Elder Druid 487 offline
Dead Wolf Majestic Druid 524 online
Deco Bugado (Volta deco) Majestic Druid 477 offline
Dedo Nervoso Elder Druid 510 offline
Dhuzk Elder Druid 502 online
Di Ih (Contador) Majestic Druid 577 online
Druid Skills Majestic Druid 560 online
Druid Ultimeide (Bora Brincar) Majestic Druid 522 online
El Mataperross (Chile) Elder Druid 513 offline
Elchzt (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) Majestic Druid 552 online
Energy Calculating Elder Druid 506 online
Engrozoop (Vem Na Bota) Majestic Druid 515 offline
Fire Bloodheart (...) Elder Druid 431 offline
Frajola Six Elder Druid 472 offline
Gt Vdv ($) Majestic Druid 472 offline
Hated By All (Vulgo Andzk $$) Majestic Druid 511 offline
Healing Maniako (Mata Peaos De Sunny) Majestic Druid 501 offline
Jayne Elder Druid 481 offline
Jojo Toddynho (deboxado) Majestic Druid 432 offline
Jonax Alvarez (VENEZUELA) Majestic Druid 366 offline
Juninhuow (Diretoria GBR) Majestic Druid 583 online
Kamikaze Ownsz (Jogador caro) Majestic Druid 590 offline
Ksiezniczko Elder Druid 375 offline
Kukuns Majestic Druid 480 offline
Lord Chaman (DEUS E O DONO DO LUGAR!!) Elder Druid 482 offline
Luansz Baiakeiro (@LUANS) Majestic Druid 457 offline
Mage Dreher Majestic Druid 526 offline
Majin (Pai Ta On) Majestic Druid 499 offline
Makia Majestic Druid 470 offline
Manoloo Majestic Druid 525 online
Master Rush Majestic Druid 518 online
Mayara Rlz Majestic Druid 522 online
Merci Manja Rola (Dudu Uruh $$) Majestic Druid 519 online
Neil Meikley (zeliek) Majestic Druid 475 online
Nescau Is Black (Andzika dela$) Majestic Druid 484 offline
Nored (RESPEITA SEU LIDER) Elder Druid 310 online
Odanna Elder Druid 350 offline
Oh My Ghaz (Crystal Bow) Majestic Druid 519 offline
Pan Con Jamon Majestic Druid 549 offline
Pimea (El Mataperross) Lord Paladin 550 offline
Pipe Matador (Sudden death) Elder Druid 503 online
Pistoleiro Do Amor Majestic Druid 540 online
Pitbull Do Funk (Dreads) Majestic Druid 565 online
Preview Majestic Druid 547 online
Puchunliine Majestic Druid 499 offline
Rashel (PH) Majestic Druid 494 offline
Rota Comando (Gustavo) Elder Druid 512 offline
Royal Halix (s2) Elder Druid 416 offline
Rush Ownz Powah Majestic Druid 527 online
Sai Dafrente (Henrique) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Saint Majestic Majestic Druid 524 offline
Sevenboys (Faustim) Majestic Druid 563 online
Shaolin (PE MEU AMOR) Majestic Druid 563 online
Shevchenko Majestic Druid 502 offline
Sixx (s2) Elder Druid 345 offline
Spend (Eu gringo, Vc Macaco) Majestic Druid 501 offline
Suzan Pool Majestic Druid 500 offline
Sydney (GUARDINHA DO CASTLE) Majestic Druid 503 online
Thc Brooklyn Ny (DROPPING EVERYTHING) Majestic Druid 553 online
Thc Rick Grimes Majestic Druid 584 online
Thc Tiltado (Bidao =D) Majestic Druid 531 online
Tibia ($$!) Majestic Druid 526 online
Toinszxd Majestic Druid 552 offline
Tyrion (Oiee xd) Majestic Druid 542 online
Vextoor (Miguel ;x) Majestic Druid 509 online
Wouhninuj (Juninhuow) Majestic Druid 535 online
Xuxa Rox (Cabulosa) Majestic Druid 515 online
RP Blyndaum (HenriqueSai Dafrente) Lord Paladin 583 online
Cannabis Ownsz Royal Paladin 585 online
Cleytinho Rpzao Lord Paladin 500 offline
Colossal (GOLPE TA AI !! $) Lord Paladin 523 online
Crystal Bow (Crystal Bow) Lord Paladin 530 offline
Holyz ($$!) Lord Paladin 536 online
Its Britney Bitch Lord Paladin 495 offline
Kannize Lord Paladin 569 online
King Lord Paladin 532 offline
Lolo Brabo (Druid ma follow Respeita) Lord Paladin 472 offline
Lukinha Rush Lord Paladin 583 online
Malcolm Merlyn (VictoR) Royal Paladin 510 offline
Mayara Lord Paladin 562 offline
One Love (Di ih) Lord Paladin 533 online
Pagode Da Ofensa Royal Paladin 522 online
Pally Chapa (so chato) Lord Paladin 506 offline
Pally Dreher Lord Paladin 554 offline
Rota Baiakeiro (GUSTAVO) Royal Paladin 553 offline
Smoke Buddies (Trem Louco) Royal Paladin 562 offline
Tcp Lg Returns ($) Lord Paladin 556 offline
Thiagao Lord Paladin 549 online
Wiesiek Obcyndlcz (RAFAEL) Lord Paladin 538 online
Zeliek (Eaeee) Lord Paladin 498 online
EK Game ($$!) Monster Knight 534 online
Hitokiri Battousai (Ai pai para) Monster Knight 529 online
Marcezao Monster Knight 501 online
Rafasz Changesex Elite Knight 490 offline
Rota Tank Elite Knight 561 offline
Wrzeszcgewice ($$$) Monster Knight 504 offline
MS Cabuloso Do Crime (CHAMAAAAQ NA BOTAAA) Supreme Sorcerer 497 offline
Holyfield ($$!) Supreme Sorcerer 537 online
Joaowk Patron (Zzz) Supreme Sorcerer 533 offline
Ngk Ignition (Two Stroke) Supreme Sorcerer 539 offline
MAKERS Atena (Deco Bugado) Elder Druid 520 online
Baiak Ilusian (Dhuzk Maker Lot DEMON) Elder Druid 498 online
Berimbolo Tres (Thc Tiltado - Bidao) Majestic Druid 521 online
Carolina Elder Druid 482 online
Compro Todascave Elder Druid 489 offline
Corinthians (Dhusk Maker Loot Demon) Majestic Druid 500 online
Cristiana Elder Druid 496 online
Daniel Baiakeiro Majestic Druid 548 offline
Deco Desbugado (Deco Bugado) Elder Druid 521 online
Don Don Dim (SHAOLIN) Elder Druid 451 offline
Don Don Um (SHAOLIN) Elder Druid 451 offline
Download Zero Dois Elder Druid 523 online
Download Zero Um Elder Druid 520 online
Edward Newgate Elder Druid 371 offline
Faelzord Elder Druid 486 online
Fanboy (...) Elder Druid 454 offline
Farix (Maker do Sydney) Majestic Druid 521 online
Faustim Lord Paladin 533 online
Fazin Loot Elder Druid 444 online
Fazinn Loot Elder Druid 460 online
Floki (Xuxa rox) Royal Paladin 492 offline
Full Loot Elder Druid 504 online
Gold Four (Deco Bugado) Elite Knight 497 online
Gold One (Deco Bugado) Elite Knight 492 offline
Gold Two (Deco Bugado) Elite Knight 453 online
Hahihis Elder Druid 420 online
Hahihiz Elder Druid 483 online
Hulk (Maker Thiagao) Elder Druid 502 online
Ibrahimovic Elder Druid 482 offline
Jaqueline Elder Druid 495 online
Jejej Elder Druid 61 offline
Juliana Elder Druid 484 online
Kautsky Elder Druid 492 online
Kazuo (Downter) Elder Druid 499 online
Kenichi (FAEL PRO) Elder Druid 484 online
Loopi Groopi (VEXTOOR) Majestic Druid 542 online
Loot Bank (ruan maker) Elder Druid 457 offline
Loot Eu Quero Elder Druid 506 online
Loot Fazin Elder Druid 503 online
Loot Fazinss Elder Druid 455 online
Lootzeraah (ruan maker) Elder Druid 481 online
Magic Hands (Downter) Elder Druid 483 online
Maluco Beleza (Tira Lomba) Elder Druid 493 online
Marshedhusk (Dhusk Maker Loot Demon) Elder Druid 501 online
Mbappe Elder Druid 482 offline
Meu Lootzinho (ruan maker) Elder Druid 453 offline
Miaa Khalifaa Elder Druid 482 online
Nabucodonozor (Elchzt) Elder Druid 513 offline
Nefesto (Deco Bugado) Monster Knight 573 online
Negin Do Zapin Elder Druid 563 offline
Netrox Hunter (VEXTOOR) Elder Druid 525 online
Ney Silva (SHAOLIN) Elder Druid 383 offline
Oixd Elder Druid 107 offline
Pandora (Thiagao Maker) Elder Druid 517 offline
Puyol Elder Druid 487 offline
Quero Loot Ed Elder Druid 480 online
Quero Lootzin Elder Druid 482 online
Rafa Cinco (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 496 online
Rafa Dois (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 490 online
Rafa Oito (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 490 online
Rafa Quatro (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 494 online
Rafa Seis (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 486 online
Rafa Sete (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 494 offline
Rafa Tres (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 493 online
Rafa Um (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 500 online
Rafasete Elder Druid 478 offline
Rafazerah Charlove Elder Druid 451 online
Ragnar (Xuxa rox) Elder Druid 490 offline
Sabio Dois (Maker do Sydney) Elder Druid 522 online
Sabio Um (Maker do Sydney) Elder Druid 508 online
Sangue Bom Elder Druid 502 offline
Scooby Doo (Gustavo) Royal Paladin 495 offline
Seriado Bom ($$!) Elder Druid 505 online
Seriado Ruim ($$!) Elder Druid 513 online
Shuller Elder Druid 450 offline
So Pra Doodge Elder Druid 488 online
Titax (Maker Thiagao) Elder Druid 506 offline
Turvao (Thiagao Maker) Majestic Druid 538 offline
Yay One (Deco Bugado) Elder Druid 483 online
Yay Three (Deco Bugado) Elder Druid 485 online
Yay Two (Deco Bugado) Elder Druid 459 online
Zodd (CIFRÂO $$$) Elder Druid 487 online

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Gugao Ofamoso
806, Majestic Druid
2- Offwhitee Ofamoso
784, Majestic Druid
3- Palazee Ofamoso
783, Majestic Druid
4- Ldiboynlynlyma
756, Majestic Druid
5- Godslayer
740, Majestic Druid