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Timed Out

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on ILusioN Baiak on May 12 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Eduh Zika (Will) Majestic Druid 675 offline
Hiany (Fanyk) Majestic Druid 592 offline
Kick Openview (:D) Lord Paladin 595 offline
Merci Camisadez (Gabriel Merci pô) Majestic Druid 572 offline
Vitao Du Paliin (VITAO RUSHA) Lord Paladin 683 offline
Vice-Leader Liian Yu (Vini (xd)) Lord Paladin 692 online
Livius (hampnie) Lord Paladin 784 offline
Niirvana («Aerosmith«) Majestic Druid 788 offline
Paulo Da Cannabis (Fuck The System) Lord Paladin 772 offline
Velha Cega (Aqui e Parana cunhado) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Member Aelin (Doc you meant shredder) Majestic Druid 515 offline
Akram Royal Paladin 584 offline
Alagoano Pally Royal Paladin 400 offline
Alememo Rsrs (Nego Te rsrs) Elder Druid 453 offline
Almighty Enemy Elder Druid 556 offline
Altente Elder Druid 436 offline
Alysonzin (Gago~) Majestic Druid 528 offline
Amigo Trutaa Majestic Druid 380 offline
Andrys Marshall (Famoso Delas Vegas $3) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Anthony Gabriell (?) Majestic Druid 482 offline
Approve Yourself Royal Paladin 575 offline
Arsher Ownz (EU COMO CU) Lord Paladin 565 offline
Australopithecuss (Devorador de cu virgem) Royal Paladin 603 offline
Bagoul Majestic Druid 608 offline
Bebe On Elite Knight 569 offline
Beelzebub (Me viu? Correu? Morreu!!!) Lord Paladin 499 offline
Bela (É o trem (BROTA BB)) Lord Paladin 575 offline
Bem Tranquilo Master Sorcerer 562 offline
Best Marola (SE MATAR MORRE!) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Biel Diniz (~~Gabriel Diniz ~~) Majestic Druid 504 offline
Bigzin Du Mal (Floripa ta 2) Majestic Druid 604 offline
Biielsz (Biiel aqui caralhoo) Majestic Druid 596 offline
Boaz Lord Paladin 604 offline
Bofozerus Lord Paladin 607 offline
Bomdebriga (Sr. Rose) Monster Knight 574 offline
Boom Loot Elder Druid 399 offline
Bora Bolar Um (Luciano`Monteiro) Lord Paladin 575 offline
Borel (Sd zikamemo) Majestic Druid 602 offline
Brahma Sensation (Ancião) Lord Paladin 576 offline
Brembo Lord Paladin 600 offline
Broksfild Elder Druid 522 offline
Bruneca (Sra. Volpato) Majestic Druid 502 offline
Bruuh Nauczyciel (Sunny ;)) Lord Paladin 515 offline
Bruxo Magnata Majestic Druid 600 offline
Buchannas (TA3TACALMO!) Majestic Druid 621 offline
Cabra Da Pexte (Vagabundo Nato) Majestic Druid 549 offline
Caixa Tem Elder Druid 526 offline
Calango Travesti (GORDA) Elder Druid 527 offline
Cannabis Flower Majestic Druid 604 offline
Cannabis Kush (Passa a Baga) Majestic Druid 606 offline
Cannabis Prenssada (Ò VEIO CHEGOU) Majestic Druid 611 offline
Caos Majestic Druid 513 offline
Capota Blazer Royal Paladin 541 offline
Caxinho ($$$$$) Royal Paladin 554 offline
Cayo Healler Elder Druid 518 offline
Celtic Overlord (Antonny) Royal Paladin 529 offline
Charlove Fofinho (Salve ;]) Lord Paladin 599 offline
Charutu (S A P E K O) Master Sorcerer 440 offline
Chupa Cabraa (Calma Papai Chegou) Majestic Druid 599 offline
Claus Elder Druid 551 offline
Cloup One Elder Druid 79 offline
Colombia Ek Majestic Druid 530 offline
Coxashow Elite Knight 521 offline
Crazy Judge (Pally De Papel) Lord Paladin 608 offline
Criss Reidelas ($$SORRY$$ ;/) Majestic Druid 598 offline
Danilao ((042) u.v.a) Royal Paladin 592 offline
Deficit De Atencao (051) Royal Paladin 552 offline
Devil May Cry (Te lasco droga) Royal Paladin 500 offline
Di ih (Mafu?) Majestic Druid 651 offline
Diieguin Elder Druid 508 offline
Druid Legalize Elder Druid 500 offline
Druid Pklizer Elder Druid 433 offline
Ed Bruna Majestic Druid 527 offline
Ed Bugado Elder Druid 399 offline
Ediin Old Times (VELHOS TEMPOS) Lord Paladin 585 offline
El Guapo (Argentina Here) Majestic Druid 590 offline
Elatus Royal Paladin 569 offline
Elder Bolado Elder Druid 429 offline
Elder Fox Majestic Druid 555 offline
Elder Kenga Majestic Druid 600 offline
Elite Foxx Elite Knight 561 offline
Eliteking Elite Knight 507 offline
Embolollk (comando vermelho) Elite Knight 538 offline
Eng Agronomo Elder Druid 514 offline
Engeo Pleno (Aqui e Paraná cunhado) Lord Paladin 606 offline
English Here Elder Druid 151 offline
Especialista (Matheus Padrinho ;)) Lord Paladin 630 offline
Everything Lord Paladin 549 offline
Falcaodomorro (FLORIPA TMJ) Monster Knight 607 offline
Fantasma Two Master Sorcerer 414 offline
Fe Na Caminhada (Tudo 2 passa nada) Elder Druid 308 offline
Felipeshow Majestic Druid 577 offline
Feminista Gorda (Pe dro Sampaio) Majestic Druid 548 offline
Flechaa Lord Paladin 555 offline
Forksz Elder Druid 557 offline
Fraga Ekzord (Fraga Opressor) Monster Knight 590 offline
Fraga Opressor (Oi bb, te amo) Majestic Druid 556 offline
Free Fragues Lord Paladin 530 offline
Fresco Settings (Das antiga) Elder Druid 430 offline
Fulloffup Royal Paladin 564 offline
Gaab Mk (marcha na BONECA) Elder Druid 466 offline
Gago Da Glock (So Rajada) Lord Paladin 576 offline
Gaia Saint (Siempre presente) Lord Paladin 593 offline
Gao Pain (Tipo Kamikaze ^^^) Majestic Druid 503 offline
Gelso Elder Druid 551 offline
General Oxford (Danilin Rei do Baile) Elder Druid 605 offline
Ghaz Briel (Gabriel Merci) Majestic Druid 600 offline
Goiaba Retorna Royal Paladin 534 offline
Goku Blue Supreme Sorcerer 541 offline
Goku Ultra (Saiyan Moai) Lord Paladin 703 offline
Gordofobico (Ryzem) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Gorfe Majestic Druid 579 offline
Grand Of The Gray Lord Paladin 589 offline
Guapo Recargado (Pally fallido) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Guisard (Gringo~) Monster Knight 699 offline
Havoc Ironside Royal Paladin 606 offline
Headzinska Majestic Druid 633 offline
Hianyta Rush Elder Druid 543 offline
Hommer Simsomps (The Bolivian) Master Sorcerer 546 offline
Honda Fit Elder Druid 203 offline
Horn Hogake Royal Paladin 552 offline
Hunt The Ed Elder Druid 486 offline
Hvdumal (Floripa tá 2) Supreme Sorcerer 601 offline
Imanja (pura calma) Monster Knight 556 offline
Impressora Commofo Royal Paladin 490 offline
In The Dark Elder Druid 503 offline
Inme Elder Druid 174 offline
Is Pally Do Rush (NoOiiX QueE VoOa BruXãOo\') Royal Paladin 538 offline
Jack Spin (~~ Gabriel ~~) Lord Paladin 520 offline
Jocelyn Flores Lord Paladin 506 offline
Jonax Alvarez (PVP VENEZUELA) Majestic Druid 456 offline
Joomn Elder Druid 236 offline
Juanito Boom Elder Druid 480 offline
Junin Eogeneral (UM CINCO SETE) Majestic Druid 580 offline
Juninhu Docinhu (Diretoria GBR) Majestic Druid 592 offline
Juninnn (TMJ) Majestic Druid 550 offline
Kawa G (Muzquiz Coahuila ALV) Majestic Druid 503 offline
Killeroflittle Royal Paladin 498 offline
King Gustavo (DEU LOOK , por que so mito) Majestic Druid 599 offline
King Siid Elder Druid 412 offline
Kiussa (VIIITAAAAAAAAAAAAO) Majestic Druid 520 offline
Knight Soberano Monster Knight 534 offline
Kratosk Elite Knight 497 offline
Kuki Gol (Gol Papai) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Lancer Lirical Elder Druid 552 offline
Larokziin Royal Paladin 504 offline
Lavita (DANGER) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Leezin (.. yo soy bandolero !) Lord Paladin 635 offline
Leoknn (GORDA) Majestic Druid 507 offline
Leozin Rush Owns (KKKK) Lord Paladin 597 offline
Levii Faria Lord Paladin 601 offline
Leziik (I am Leezin) Majestic Druid 678 offline
Light Bringeer Monster Knight 552 offline
Light Bringer Lord Paladin 439 offline
Linkz (I am Leezin) Majestic Druid 615 offline
Lins Master Sorcerer 368 offline
Lipezk Brinca Elder Druid 525 offline
Lkztrance Elder Druid 548 offline
Lord Paralyse (Passei Carro Sz :D) Majestic Druid 483 offline
Lord Princess (Juliane meu amor) Lord Paladin 550 offline
Lord Rugutok Elder Druid 518 offline
Lord Zin (Vlop^^) Lord Paladin 667 offline
Luanzin Stalker Royal Paladin 492 offline
Lucaozera Majestic Druid 554 offline
Madara Uchiha (Don De Dios) Lord Paladin 662 online
Magic Dasher (Flavitia) Majestic Druid 599 offline
Maisbaah (Baah Gurizada 😇) Royal Paladin 593 offline
Maligna (((♕Versace♕))) Lord Paladin 591 offline
Mandrakao Royal Paladin 509 offline
Manga Pai Do Bruta (Eternal Manga) Elite Knight 408 offline
Manga Siowsz (Eternal Manga) Supreme Sorcerer 563 offline
Maninha Majestic Druid 563 offline
Mariitaca (Tik Tak) Supreme Sorcerer 603 offline
Marlboro Crazyy Lord Paladin 646 offline
Marola Returns Majestic Druid 615 offline
Master Do Sossego Master Sorcerer 440 offline
Mayo Zambada (El Sinaloense) Supreme Sorcerer 499 offline
Meat Noodles (@VINIBEZERRA._) Lord Paladin 596 offline
Mestruacao De Bode (GORDA) Majestic Druid 516 offline
Meu Toba Cu Majestic Druid 604 offline
Meu Tobaa Majestic Druid 571 offline
Midori Kawana Majestic Druid 607 offline
Miuium Elder Druid 468 offline
Moscoquesed Elder Druid 528 offline
Moscoquest Elder Druid 537 offline
Moscoquested Elder Druid 525 offline
Muarmakhadaf (Hotspot XAVADY) Supreme Sorcerer 636 offline
Mussi (Gringo~) Majestic Druid 627 offline
Mwall (BregaBregoZO) Elder Druid 492 offline
Mystic Black (revoltado) Majestic Druid 545 offline
Na Chuj Oko Royal Paladin 522 offline
Nego Te (ISSO Q EH FODA) Majestic Druid 604 offline
Netinho Qqpega Elder Druid 360 offline
New King Is Back (GOD Wins) Majestic Druid 542 offline
Nicolle (Nike das antigas) Supreme Sorcerer 605 offline
Niezwopjl (DEBOXED) Lord Paladin 605 offline
Nina Nao Majestic Druid 602 offline
Notrevo Avila Elder Druid 571 offline
Novoeu (Sec.XlX) Majestic Druid 484 offline
Old Di Ih Majestic Druid 498 offline
Oomiranha (Meticuloso) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Ordegar (passou eu como o cu) Majestic Druid 583 offline
Otal Do Biiel Royal Paladin 511 offline
Pai Do Lorenzo (Te Amo Filho!!) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Pakku Majestic Druid 603 offline
Palladin Lost Royal Paladin 509 offline
Pally Robado Royal Paladin 424 offline
Pally Rushzerah (TudoDois) Royal Paladin 589 offline
Pallyzz (Projota Porra) Royal Paladin 495 offline
Passanada (PASSANADA NEM PODE) Lord Paladin 599 offline
Paulin Qqmuda Master Sorcerer 426 offline
Peaky Blindersz Elder Druid 520 offline
Pessima Escolha Elder Druid 601 offline
Picininhaamor Elder Druid 491 offline
Pinokio Endiabrado (Gepetto n foi tao otimo?) Lord Paladin 600 offline
Piroca De Elefante Royal Paladin 571 offline
Plugzin (Big Big) Majestic Druid 604 offline
Popotao grandao (Sua vontade minhas mãos) Majestic Druid 591 offline
Posker Majestic Druid 618 offline
Pura Calma (Vem Tranquilo) Majestic Druid 487 offline
Puta Presa (La puta de Todos) Supreme Sorcerer 598 offline
Pvp Rush Max Majestic Druid 602 offline
Querida (Santa e Bela Catarina) Monster Knight 599 offline
Radzki (Brutality mmgv .,!) Elder Druid 603 offline
Rafasz Deboxa Full (OTAL DO RAFASZ;]) Elite Knight 540 offline
Rafazinhokk Elder Druid 330 offline
Reggae Nation (I am Di ih) Lord Paladin 671 offline
Rei Ezekiel Lord Paladin 610 offline
Renan Brauna Sp (Kina Bloker) Monster Knight 622 offline
Residance (agus?) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Respeita Elder Druid 480 offline
Roledore Elder Druid 363 offline
Royal Blaack (Criss ; .i.) Royal Paladin 507 offline
Royal Bolt Lord Paladin 590 offline
Royal Trifox (Macae RJ) Lord Paladin 584 offline
Royalking Royal Paladin 530 offline
Rp Magnata (\'Arqueiro Poderoso\') Lord Paladin 554 offline
Rugutok Royal Paladin 600 offline
Ruligaa (BARAO SO CRIA) Supreme Sorcerer 578 offline
Rush Pally Lord Paladin 601 offline
Rushnow Majestic Druid 600 offline
Ryzem (Lawliet) Majestic Druid 581 offline
Sagah Majestic Druid 565 offline
Sai Do Cu Bosta Elite Knight 134 offline
Sallu Elder Druid 512 offline
Sarkorm Wazrel Majestic Druid 621 offline
Sativa Red Elder Druid 483 offline
Sepheon Sebassius Majestic Druid 673 offline
Shaft Lord Paladin 687 online
Shofia (Kendall my love) Lord Paladin 764 offline
Skud Fly (?????) Majestic Druid 639 offline
Sobalaoquevoa (Ticole ê Muito Bom) Lord Paladin 599 offline
Socialistadeiphone (GORDA) Lord Paladin 558 offline
Sopa De Lot Master Sorcerer 481 offline
Sorczerah Master Sorcerer 321 offline
Sorocaba Elder Druid 112 offline
Sossegado Lord Paladin 512 offline
Spawnnc Lord Paladin 611 offline
Spooky Black (Assombrado( ͡❛ ︹ ͡❛)) Elder Druid 541 offline
Spy Maloca Lord Paladin 601 offline
Suzor Lord Paladin 740 offline
Take On Me (La Bestia) Majestic Druid 550 offline
Tamy Elder Druid 207 offline
Tarzan Mendiigoo (Oi Sou Tarzan) Majestic Druid 504 offline
Tatinho Do Axe Monster Knight 558 offline
Taylon (42) Elder Druid 612 offline
Tec Agricola Elder Druid 522 offline
Tekinha (NGC TEKINHA) Lord Paladin 597 offline
Tellez (Despacito) Majestic Druid 605 offline
The Endd (..I..) Supreme Sorcerer 620 offline
Thorek Elite Knight 206 offline
Ti Grilo (Chora agora ri depois) Majestic Druid 595 offline
Tia Do Trafico Elder Druid 538 offline
Tiu Bille Majestic Druid 603 offline
Tom Shelby Majestic Druid 593 offline
Trenbralla (Fica rico morre tentando +bah) Elder Druid 505 offline
Triiloko (Sumemo Fiu) Majestic Druid 600 offline
Trucho On Pvp Majestic Druid 526 offline
Tudodoispassanada Majestic Druid 614 offline
Tuga Isback ([email protected]) Royal Paladin 555 offline
Two Nine Elder Druid 553 offline
Undead Buttowski (Kick Butowski ´s RP) Lord Paladin 690 offline
Uzumaki Himawari Lord Paladin 650 offline
Vaca Apetitosa (Toddy melhor que Nescau) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Vass Relax (Luciano\'Monteiro) Majestic Druid 519 offline
Vem Tranquilo Poh Royal Paladin 614 offline
Vendedordecocada Majestic Druid 500 offline
Vitagi Cuturi Elder Druid 467 offline
Vulgo Te Matei Master Sorcerer 492 offline
Vyssen (I do not believe anything) Lord Paladin 783 offline
Warning Awesome (Rick pvp de Jegue) Majestic Druid 617 offline
Wazowski (Ue Represent) Master Sorcerer 552 offline
White Fluffly Elder Druid 603 offline
Whoami (Perdeu A linha ergue outro) Majestic Druid 571 offline
Wizja Bez Akcji Elite Knight 524 offline
Xingando Elder Druid 481 offline
Xxt Pally (CUMENDO OS APONSENTADOS) Lord Paladin 595 offline
Yeca Return (Yeca Forever) Elder Druid 545 offline
You Are Exausted (@MAROLA) Monster Knight 615 offline
Yurck Monster Knight 505 offline
Zefa Al Elder Druid 548 offline
Zola Leste Master Sorcerer 463 offline
Zombie Kush Majestic Druid 614 offline
Maker Pelego Deboresty Legend Majestic Druid 603 offline
Doctor Hala ((♕~~BMD~♕)) Lord Paladin 591 offline
Gaara The Desert (Arriving) Elder Druid 491 offline
Lipezk Uncrack Lord Paladin 608 offline
Lord Boldermort Majestic Druid 565 offline
Raru (By Lord Zin) Lord Paladin 576 offline
Saurfang Monster Knight 601 offline
Sir Blondi (Raru) Majestic Druid 591 offline
Sorexs Elder Druid 553 offline
Maker Loot Arriving (Gaara Arriving) Elder Druid 645 offline
Beastmaster Elder Druid 611 offline
Kick Butowski (Marcelo) Majestic Druid 605 offline
Lespector (👊 θ17 👊) Lord Paladin 622 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Insana Sep 03 2020
Kina Tanke Jul 10 2020
Mc Lovee Jul 02 2020
Oxxi Que Viagem Jul 15 2020
Sucicidada Aug 01 2020
Wanteds Jul 15 2020

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Gugao Ofamoso
894, Majestic Druid
2- American York
882, Lord Paladin
3- Guthan
876, Majestic Druid
4- Jack Stall Beck
831, Majestic Druid
5- Niirvana
788, Majestic Druid
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